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Inaugural Saint Augustine Medal Dinner
honoring Patty and Jay Wright

The Augustinian Province of Saint Thomas of Villanova presents its inaugural Saint Augustine Medal to Patty and Jay Wright, an honor bestowed upon an individual or a couple who exemplify the spirit and teachings of Saint Augustine, a deep commitment to the Order of Saint Augustine and the Augustinian values of Truth, Unity and Charity.

2018 Saint Augustine Medal Dinner

Priesthood Ordination of Fr. Bryan Kerns, O.S.A.

Augustinian Profession of Simple and Solemn Vows

We are Augustinians. Together we are of one mind, one heart, on the way to God.

The Life of an Augustinian during the Theologate at St Augustine Friary

Augustinians 2017, Profession of Vows, San Diego

The Year of Consecrated Life

Augustinian Vocations "The Call"