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Father Richard D. Appicci, O.S.A.

February 1, 2019 marked the twelfth anniversary of the death of Father Richard D. Appicci, O.S.A.

"He was truly a 'Man for all Seasons and Ministries'. His long career as an Augustinian Friar recounts his showing the face of Jesus as a teacher, administrator, missionary, prison chaplain and, most importantly, as a friend."
—John E. Deegan, O.S.A.
Excerpt from the Homily at Father Appicci's Funeral Mass.

You are invited to make a gift to the Richard D. Appicci, O.S.A. Endowment for the Augustinian Missions in memory of Father Appicci. Let us continue to celebrate Father Appicci’s life and legacy by supporting what he loved doing best—helping others in need.

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Having been in the seminary with Dick for two years, I fell I knew him very well. He had a very positive attitude toward life not to mention his infectious smile. We had on many occasions a lot of laughs. May God bless for his contributions to the Augustinians.
— Mr. and Mrs. Edward Martin | Bayport, NY
After graduation and when Fr. Appicci returned to Villanova from Peru, my wife and I would meet once a year for dinner at a Philadelphia Italian restaurant and then attend a Villanova basketball game. Great priest, great friend. Think of him often, miss him.
— Mr. R. Thomas Giudice | Malba, NY
As first woman managing editor of the Bel Air Yearbook, dear Father Appicci congratulated me and if my memory serves me correctly he said “I was managing editor once!” He was a special man of God. I do know and remember that, thank you, Jesus! Fr. Appicci also blessed my husband, Bob when we were dating back when... Faith Murray Class of ‘65 College of Nursing.
— Mr. and Mrs. Robert Murray | Ellison Bay, WI
When my grandmother, the in her 90’s, asked at Easter dinner, “Father Richie, why doesn’t God listen to my prayer to die?” Father responded “Maria, you are not the boss. God is the Boss.” She quickly shook her head and clucked her tongue, in disagreement.
— Mr. and Mrs. Michael Berrena | State College, PA
Many Sundays after his return from Peru Fr. Appicci would come to our house and cook chicken for supper. He loved to cook. We all spent many happy hours in the kitchen. Our 16 year old grandson still remembers “Chicken Appicci” which we call it whenever I cook it and he is with us again.
— The Ryan Family | Lansdowne, PA 19050
Father Appicci was a wonderful priest, and a great co-worker, and especially a friend. He is often in my thoughts when speaking of the office and always in my prayers.
— Ms. Gloria A. Belmonte | Wayne, PA
A wonderful role model and friend throughout my four years at Villanova and thereafter.
— Mr. Frank J. Gilbride, II | Greenwich, CT
Fr. Dick befriended my brother Barry when he came to serve Mass at our parish-Holy Child in the Logan section of Philadelphia. He would come for breakfast and a 50+ year friendship began with the Quinn’s which forever enriched our lives. When he went to Peru we wondered what his life would be like and on his travels home, he found time to visit, tell us about “the poorest of the poor”, and the spirit and faith of the Peruvian people.

Yes we purchased Peruvian dolls, sent money for the ambulance and saved cancelled stamps. We enjoyed the newsletters form the Augustinians with the hope we see more of Fr. Dick in Peru!

His mission to serve, even when he returned for good, to the inmates was no surprise “finding the light in those no one see’s—God’s love for even the convicted.

He was a gift to all who knew him and my family. May his memory continue to help and support the work of the missions and Augustinians throughout the world.
— Cecilia Quinn Garibian | Rydal, PA
Too many fond memories of Padre Appicci -some stories:
I first met Father in 1964 as a freshman at Villanova and stayed friends his whole life. Some may not know that his father was a master painter. He painted apartments in New York, doing ceilings in the mode of the Sistine chapel. One of his clients was Greta Garbo. At one point I gave father money to buy chickens since he was trying to teach the people in Peru how to raise food for protein. He said “thanks” and I said “just name a chicken after me”. He said I’ll name a pig after you. That was all right with me.

One time when father was preaching in California (I don’t think anyone contributed-not because of him but too cheap!), he stayed at our house. All he had was a small bag with a change of underwear and a beautiful crucifix carved out of wood by a native in Peru! Every time I look at it, I recall the good Padre! He was a practical man too. One time he was stuck on the expressway for a few hours. He got out, went to his trunk and found a ham sandwich!! He also had a good gut!

I think if you look in a dictionary under the definition of a Saint-you’d see Father’s picture-I really truly believe that-maybe we ought to start a movement! Love to all the Auggies and I thank God that Padre Appicci came my way we are all blessed.
— Alan Fischer | Carlsbad, CA